Why Should Chicagoans Hire Glasgow & Olsson for Their Legal Needs?

We recently asked firm founder Tom Glasgow this very question, and here is how he answered it.

When a person buys a car, that vehicle needs to be a full-service vehicle. For example, it should be roomy enough to comfortably accommodate all family members, yet also nimble enough to easily drive and park.

Glasgow & Olsson is a full-service law firm. In addition to diverse practice areas, a common feature of many Schaumburg firms, we also have a diverse client base. We represent individuals, families, small businesses, school districts, municipalities, and large corporations in a wide variety of civil and criminal disputes. Whether it is a stop sign infraction or a triple homicide, an uncontested marriage dissolution or a multimillion dollar divorce, we have the experience to handle your case.

Why do you embrace high-profile Chicago cases?

Representing high-profile clients gives you a unique perspective towards representing all clients. Everyone who comes through the door deals with many similar issues, such as the stresses of litigation. Our high-profile cases allow us to see those stressors play out on the public stage. The pressure placed upon both the client and the attorney in those situations allows us to better understand the unique trust that goes on between attorney and client.

Trust and reputation is earned with every client, high-profile or not. It makes us understand that we have to earn that trust every time we walk into the courtroom because every time our clients are on trial, so are we. Even though we have been in business longer than some of our clients have been alive, we still have that startup mentality that every client is the most important client.

Why are you one of the best lawyers in Illinois?

I don’t know if I am one of the best lawyers in Illinois, but our firm does try very hard to be the best attorneys we can. I like to listen to people, and listening is the key to a successful law practice. Listening means hearing what our clients think, sympathizing with what they feel, and exceeding the expectations they have. Listening to people leads to success in the courtroom. In this forum, sometimes hearing what people do not say is far more important than what they do say.

What do you like most about your job?

Changing lives is by far the most rewarding part of my practice. People come into our office scared of the unknown and what may happen to them in the future. Getting them through a difficult situation and seeing them become successful is the most satisfying thing you can experience as an attorney.

How will the legal landscape change in the next few years?

Fundamentally, although there are lots of new tools available, the practice of law really has not changed much since I started practicing in the mid 1990s. Things should change extensively over the next five years, however, due to the advent of autonomous vehicles. It will be like the first gasoline-powered vehicles, and it is coming soon.

Autonomous vehicles will change the way we deal with traffic tickets, DUIs, parking violations, etc. Furthermore, since a majority of all criminal detection begins with traffic stops, there will be a sharp decline in both criminal law related to traffic offenses and corresponding fees and fines to municipalities.

Why is Glasgow & Olsson so successful?

Our firm is successful with clients because we truly care about each client that we see. Our goal with each client is to make them better by the time they leave than when they came through our door.

Unlike some other firms, we have never worked on the assumption that we are going to get repeat clients. Instead, our goal is to help people address their issues and then work with them on preventive applications so that those issues that they needed the legal system for do not arise again.

I am very proud to say that all the professionals and paraprofessionals at our firm have good relationships with the clients we serve, both before and after litigation.

Tell us about your community involvement.

Giving back to the community is something our firm strongly believes in. In the past we have had clothing drives for charities, donated to charitable organizations, and held service positions in government organizations and in charitable organizations to help further our goals of giving back to the community.

Count on Experienced Lawyers

We are proud to be a fixture in Chicagoland. For a confidential consultation with an experienced criminal law attorney in Schaumburg, contact Glasgow & Olsson.

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