Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Complex Case

Protecting your future should be your first priority when facing criminal charges. If you or a loved one is criminally charged for violating the law, being arrested and sent to jail can lead to feelings of helplessness. Fortunately, the process of taking back your freedom begins immediately after you are processed into jail. As a citizen, you have legal rights and you may exercise them when you need to. However, criminal laws are byzantine and the legal process can be complicated for an inexperienced criminal lawyer to navigate. If you want the best-case scenario for yourself or your loved one, consult with an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights and your future.

Choose a Criminal Defense Team with a Proven Track Record

When choosing a lawyer to represent you, it is important that you look for a firm with experience handling cases similar to yours. Bringing complex cases to court can be expensive and time consuming. Therefore, choose a firm with the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex matters. At Glasgow & Olsson, our attorneys have successfully handled numerous criminal cases for our clients. The following are some highlights of our work:

  • State Ethics Found An Illinois Educational Institution Spent $1 Million in Taxpayer Dollars. The Governor's Office of Executive Inspector General alleged that an Illinois Educational Executive and three of his administrators violated ethics requirements by hiring consultants under the wrong classification, keeping them on staff for long after a project ended, and paying them well in excess of allowable limits. Our firm represented one of the administrators accused and due to that representation, she was not ultimately responsible for the improper hiring and spending decisions detailed.
  • All Charges Dismissed in Federal Criminal Case. The United States Government charged the individual in United States District Court with a multiple count felony indictment for allegedly overcharging his employer for services supplied by a company he owned. After extensive litigation and numerous Court appearances ALL charges were dismissed against the client.
  • Schaumburg Woman Convicted of Killing her Disabled Daughter. A woman took her daughter's life by pouring a fatal dose of medication into her feeding tube because she herself was having severe medical problems and feared for her daughter’s safety after her passing. In her defense, our firm cited those health problems in arguing successfully for her release.

At Glasgow & Olsson, We have successfully defended Federal and State criminal charges ranging from DUI, drug possession and battery to corruption and murder charges. Our goal is to defend people who have been charged with a crime and to advocate for those facing complex family matters. Our team is compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable in felony and misdemeanor crimes, family and divorce procedures, and DUI/traffic laws. Illinois residents in the DuPage, McHenry, Cook, and Lake Counties experiencing any of these legal issues should contact us at 847-577-8700 or visit us online and complete the consultation form.

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