I Need an Order of Protection but I do Not Know Where to Start

You have been with your partner for years, while you feel you have experienced more bad with them than good. Your partner habitually hurls insults at you, acts out in jealousy, and has a generally explosive temper. You sense that your partner seeks to isolate you from your family and friends. You are beginning to fear for your safety, but you are not sure what to do or how to get out of a bad situation.

Did you know that every 15 seconds a woman experiences domestic violence in the United States? According to the Illinois State Police, domestic violence is not typically an isolated incident. If you have experienced domestic violence or if you are afraid you may experience domestic violence, then you may benefit from an order of protection. Reach out to a domestic violence attorney in Illinois today for the guidance you need to protect yourself and your rights.

How can an Order of Protection Protect Help Me?

To seek an order of protection in Illinois, you need to show that your abuser is a “family or household member” and that your abuser “abused” you. You may be able to receive an order of protection even if your abuser has not physically abused you.

An order of protection is a legal document that prohibits your abuser from coming to your house or near you otherwise. If your abuser violates your order of protection, Illinois can enforce it in the following ways:

  • You can ask a court to enforce your protection order.
  • If your abuser violated your order of protection and caused monetary damage, you can sue your abuser for damages in civil court.
  • If you file for an order of protection due to domestic violence, you can also file criminal charges. Your abuser will then face criminal charges.
  • Those who violate orders of protection commit a crime. The first offense is a Class A misdemeanor. Any violations after that constitute Class 4 felonies. Each time someone violates your order of protection, that person will be prosecuted for a separate crime. If he or she commits a crime while violating your order of protection, the violator will be charged for both offenses.

An order of protection will help you stay safe for these reasons:

  • When you have an order of protection, the police will take your calls more seriously. Illinois has a zero tolerance for violations of orders of protection.
  • The police will arrest your abuser if he or she violates the order of protection.
  • If you need to leave your house to be safe, the police may be more willing to go back to your home if you have an order of protection.
  • An order of protection can help you at work if you are being harassed or stalked there.
  • An order of protection may help you establish custody of your minor children.

If you have experienced domestic abuse or you fear that you will experience domestic violence, do not delay in protecting yourself. We can help you. You do not need to go through this alone. At Glasgow & Olsson, our experienced attorneys will help you petition the court for an order of protection. Contact a Schaumburg civil order of protection attorney to learn more.

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