Coronavirus Quarantine Can Cause Responsible People to Act Violently

Imagine two young parents living in Chicago and trying to get through the Coronavirus pandemic. The husband works at a local restaurant as a waiter and the wife works as a dental hygienist. After Governor J.B. Pritzker announced the mandatory order for everyone to stay at home, the wife received notice that she would be put on furlough without pay. With all restaurants now only able to offer carryout or delivery, the husband’s manager tells him that he has been laid off until further notice.

The young couple also learns that their two young children will be staying at home with them everyday while Illinois schools are shut down. This once active family is now stuck inside their small apartment without any income, wondering how they will purchase groceries for their children or survive financially for the next two weeks. They look for new jobs, but they do not have family nearby, and all of the daycare centers near them are shut down.

Responsible Men and Women Can Snap in the Heat of Passion

After 24 hours of being stuck in a small apartment together, their children become extremely fussy. They start screaming and are constantly getting into things and rough-housing. Both spouses are extremely stressed about not being able to pay their bills and being out of work.

They begin to argue more every day. During an extremely heated argument about finances, the kids start crying again. In a heat of passion, this usually calm and responsible father picks up a toy and throws it at his wife. The toy cuts the wife’s eye and leaves a small bruise. The father now faces domestic violence charges.

As Families Shelter in Place, Tensions Rise at Home

Families all over the state of Illinois are experiencing these same types of extremely stressful situations. Indeed, coronavirus is causing financial, emotional, and physical havok on the residents of Illinois. Chicago residents recently learned that they had been ordered to stay at home through April 7th.

Illinois schools have shut down, and kids are at home with their parents. A record number of Illinois residents have also filed for unemployment as the economy continues to suffer due to shutdowns related to coronavirus. When families cannot pay their bills and are cooped up together for extended periods of time, even the most responsible parents can snap and act violently.

Our Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Can Help

At Glasgow & Olsson, we understand how incredibly stressful the coronavirus response has been for Illinois residents. As financial tensions increase, many Illinois residents who lived relatively stable lives have been thrown into complete uncertainty.

It is easy to understand how one or both partners can snap and engage in a one-time act of domestic violence against the other. If you are a good spouse, partner, and parent who has made a mistake in a time of global panic, our law firm can help. Contact Glasgow & Olsson today to schedule your initial consultation.

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