Top Five Indicators You Might be Ready for Divorce

A husband and wife have been fighting almost non-stop for the past few months. The husband worked to support them while his wife finished school to become a physician’s assistant. She started her career last year but still has significant student loans. The wife created a strict budget so her family could begin to pay off their debt and build savings.

Unfortunately, her husband developed a gambling addiction. He recently lost his job and is now spending his days gambling the family’s money away, getting them into more debt. The wife has begged him to get help and stop gambling away their precious savings, but he will not listen. After much thought, she has decided that she needs to get a divorce to protect herself and her children. Financial issues are one of the most common reasons people file for divorce. The following are the top indicators that you are ready to file for divorce.

Money Problems

As in the example above, money problems can quickly become a serious problem within a marriage. In many marriages, financial problems are just the icing on the cake. A couple has often had serious problems leading up to the money problems. Different financial goals, different spending habits, and financial uncertainty can all lead one or both spouses to file for divorce.


When a spouse has an affair, the lack of trust and sense of betrayal can lead to a breakdown of the marriage. In many cases, infidelity within marriage often begins as an innocent friendship or an emotional affair. These emotional affairs can become physical affairs quite easily. Sometimes, the spouse who has been cheated on is able to forgive the adulterous spouse. In other cases, the spouse refuses to stop the affair. Sometimes, the betrayal is too difficult to look past and the non-cheating spouse decides that a divorce is necessary.

Lack of Communication

Good communication is the foundation of a strong marriage. Likewise, bad communication can destroy a marriage quickly. Couples often have decent communication when they get married, then their communication begins to degrade over time. When spouses make nasty comments, do not talk enough, or yell at each other constantly, the marriage can disintegrate easily. Arguing is another common cause of divorce.

When a couple is not able to engage in conflict constructively, that can also be a cause for divorce. Especially when the married couple has children, constant arguing can become extremely stressful for everyone. When keeping your relationship intact becomes extremely difficult, it may be time to get a divorce.

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The financial and mental pressures of the coronavirus shutdowns put significant pressure on marriages that are already on the rocks. If you have decided that now is the time to end your marriage, we understand. Our lawyers can help you throughout the divorce process and represent your best interests. Contact our Chicago divorce lawyers as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation.

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