Is it Time to End Your Marriage?

A couple in Schaumburg recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They both accepted a promotion in their respective careers and have been working around the clock for a while now. They have not taken so much as a short weekend trip together in over two years, and they constantly argue.

The wife has realized that she often seeks to provoke her husband into arguments. They both appear to be constantly testing how far they can push one another before their marriage shatters completely. If you can relate to this couple, it might be the time to file for divorce. Below are a few signs that it is time for you to end your marriage.

You Constantly Argue

If you are constantly arguing with your spouse, it might be time for a divorce. Perhaps you started out not arguing in front of your children, but now, you are arguing all the time, including in front of your kids. You might have started arguing about finances and now you argue about everything under the sun. If you can no longer have a calm conversation with your spouse, and have exhausted all other alternatives, it might be time for a divorce.

You Never Argue

On the flip side, if you never argue with your spouse, you might need to file for divorce. Believe it or not, silence and avoiding problems can be a sign of a difficult relationship. While fighting constantly is a negative indicator, giving each other the permanent silent treatment is just as challenging. When one or both spouses have no fight left, it could be time for a divorce.

Your Spouse Increases Your Stress Level Constantly

Stress is one of the worst things for a person’s health. If talking to your spouse and being around your spouse causes your heart rate to rise, you might need to become divorced. By the same token, if you feel your stomach ball up into a knot when you are around your spouse, your body might be trying to tell you that it is time for a divorce. Sometimes people mentally convince themselves to stay in the marriage. Yet, you can not fool yourself when it comes to the stress a marriage is causing you.

Your Work or Kids Come First

Many couples realize that it is time to cut the cord after their kids graduate and move out. They quickly find out that without the kids, they no longer have anything in common. Once one thing starts to take over a person’s life, it leaves little room for someone to dedicate attention and time to their relationship. The chasm between spouses can continue to widen until the marriage is one of the least important aspects of each spouse’s life. Many couples begin to consider divorce at this point.

Contact an Experienced Chicago Divorce Lawyer Today

If you have experienced any of these difficulties, you might be thinking that now is the time to cut the cord on your marriage. The sooner you speak to an experienced divorce lawyer, the better. Contact Glasgow & Olsson as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation.

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