Illinois Gun Violence Surges

A couple lives in the suburb of Arlington Heights and commutes into Chicago for work. With the increasing gun violence and rioting happening downtown, they have been becoming even more worried about their safety while commuting. They decided that the time has come to purchase guns and carry them to and from work. The wife bought a gun legally at a gun store and stored the unloaded gun and the magazine full of bullets separately in her tote bag that she uses when commuting.

On her way to work, a young man shoved her and began demanding her wallet. She drew her weapon, loaded the magazine and threatened him with it. A bystander called the police and the officer charged her with carrying a concealed weapon without a concealed carry license.

Gun purchases are up by a significant amount all over the Chicago area. While many new gun owners have the best intentions, they sometimes unintentionally violate gun laws and face penalties.

Chicago Has Been Plagued by Gun Violence

Gun violence is at an all time high in Chicago and in the surrounding areas. Sadly, no one is immune from suffering injuries from gun violence. In some cases, young adults and children are the ones impacted by gun violence. For the fourth week in a row, a child has died due to a fatal shooting in Chicago. This past weekend, a 15-year-old was among nine people who died from gun violence. Because of the threat of escalating gun violence in the city and the poor relations between the current Chicago Mayor, the current State’s Attorney, and the police, many in Chicagoland are looking to purchase weapons as a means of protection.

Fatal Shootings Often Happen After an Argument or Confrontation

Gun violence can happen anywhere in Chicago, including in the suburbs, on the highway, and in professional office complexes. In many cases, gun violence happens after a confrontation in a domestic dispute, or with someone the victim knows. A confrontation could even happen to you outside of your home, even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood.

Unfortunately, responsible gun owners who are only trying to protect their families can face gun crimes charges in certain situations. Illinois is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to gun laws. We should not think that we are safe from facing criminal charges because we lawfully own a gun. Politically active state prosecutors often love nothing more than going after law-abiding citizens who may have made a mistake when it comes to using or displaying their weapons.

If You are Facing Gun or Weapon Charges, You Need a Lawyer

If you are facing an Illinois gun crime, you are likely facing jail time and a criminal record if convicted. If you have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm or weapon, or possession of a stolen firearm, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact Glasgow & Olsson today to schedule your initial consultation.

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