Facing Domestic Violence Charges During the Pandemic

A husband and wife living in Cook County have struggled a bit in their marriage, but overall they have enjoyed a happy life together. After their third child was born during the pandemic, the wife began to experience symptoms of postpartum depression. She would sit for long periods of time in isolation, and for a while, she was barely able to care for her child. Because of the coronavirus-related shutdowns, both spouses were working from home on a reduced salary. Paying their bills became extremely difficult, and they were struggling to work full-time and keep up with their children's online school requirements.

The lack of sleep began causing the wife to slip into a dark depression. Only this time, she began experiencing periods of depression and then periods of extreme hyperactivity and violence. She would scream at her husband and children, and even walk up to her husband and hit him. One day, her 12-year-old son made a nasty comment to his mother and she snapped. She grabbed him and threw him against the kitchen counter, screamed in his face, and punched him. The stress of the loss of income, and the need to manage the children's online school, plus the lack of sleep had caught up with her. Her husband called the police about her domestic violence episode.

Domestic Violence is at an All-Time High in Illinois

Domestic violence is at an all-time high in Illinois. A recent report showed that there have been 75 recent deaths from domestic violence in Illinois. The state of Illinois will give over $8 million to 11 different organizations that support people who are negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the organizations will receive funding to help prevent domestic violence and support domestic violence victims.

Unfortunately, this help is a drop in the bucket considering the millions of Illinois residents who are experiencing extreme financial hardship, as well as daunting medical health challenges from the isolation caused by coronavirus shutdowns.

Most of us assume that we would never commit an act of domestic violence. However, even the most loving spouses and parents can feel the temptation to lash out violently when under extreme pressure. Having to endure a pandemic shows us that many of us do not have the coping skills to endure job loss, financial pressures, and the need to stay or work from home in isolation with our families. Poor mental health is at crisis levels right now in Illinois and throughout the country.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been charged with domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery, you need a solid criminal defense strategy. When you need a lawyer, experience matters. At Glasgow & Olsson, our skilled lawyers have extensive experience successfully representing clients against domestic violence charges. Contact Glasgow & Olsson today to schedule your initial consultation.

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