Managing Separation and Divorce During the Holidays

Tensions between family members run high during the holidays. Many couples that have been working at home together while trying to manage their children's online learning have decided that it is time to pull the plug on their marriages. If you are considering divorce, you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to become separated or divorced during the holiday season. Numerous benefits come from getting divorced during the holidays, such as tax benefits and the ability to start fresh during the new year. This article will provide some tips for managing separation and divorce during the holiday season.

Do Not Try to Have the Perfect Holiday Season

Many parents feel pressure during the holiday season to provide their children with a magical experience. When couples are fighting and frequently in conflict, the stress of the holidays can be overwhelming. It is okay to realize that you do not need to engage in every single holiday tradition or activity this year. Give yourself permission to decline invitations to holiday events and instead focus on your mental health. Try to take each day as it comes and give yourself flexibility. Consider how separating during the holidays could help your family enjoy the holiday season more, without the conflict and pressure of living with your spouse.

Separation Can Help You Get Through the Holidays

Many people assume that the holidays are the worst time to become separated or get divorced. The holiday season is indeed stressful for many people, however, for some couples, it is the right time to become separated. If you are not ready to file for divorce yet, separating can help you and your spouse look toward the future while taking a break from the conflict resulting from living in the same space. Separations do not always end in divorce, but living apart can allow you to consider your future.

Think Ahead

Becoming separated can give you the time you need to consider what you like to happen going forward. If you have children, consider what type of child custody arrangement you would prefer. Spend some time thinking about your finances and how you will move forward should you end up getting divorced. What will your life look like from day-to-day after a divorce? How will getting divorced help your family’s mental health going forward? Separating during the holidays gives you time to consider whether divorce is the right option for you.

Contact a Cook County Divorce Lawyer Today

When you need a lawyer, experience matters. The divorce lawyers at Glasgow & Olsson understand how challenging it can be to face divorce during the holidays. We are here to help you navigate through the process while protecting your interests. We do not provide a free consultation because we view your initial consultation as the most important meeting you will have regarding your divorce. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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