Self-Defense Against a Carjacker in Illinois

A Chicago business owner who is also a father and active member in the community goes to the gas station after work to fill up his tank. He has had a long day at work and wants to get home to see his family. As he begins leaving, a group of teenagers comes up and threatens him, demanding that he get out of his car so they can steal it. He realizes he is being carjacked and that one of the young men appears to have a gun. The car owner reaches into his glove compartment and pulls out his handgun, which he purchased legally and for which he has a concealed carry license.

He keeps the gun down by his side. The young carjacker with the gun waves his gun in the direction of the man’s head and the man issues a warning that he will shoot back, before firing two rounds into the carjacker’s chest. The man is now facing criminal charges for murder, even though he was engaging in legal self-defense.

Carjacking Arrests Have Increased Drastically

The crime of carjacking is on the rise in Illinois, making carrying a concealed weapon an important part of protecting oneself for many in the state. The average police response time in Chicago is 4 minutes. Suburban police response times can range from six to twelve minutes. When a violent carjacking is under way, there is often not enough time for the police to show up and protect the victim. Carrying a concealed weapon is one option for potentially vulnerable Illinois drivers.

Illinois State Police have announced that they are working with local law enforcement agencies and federal agents to create a task force related to carjacking. The state police have issued a warning that carjackings have increased dramatically; incidents in Illinois have increased by double digits, and many of the suspects in carjacking cases are teenagers. Law enforcement officers speculate that the coronavirus pandemic has played a role in the increase in carjacking incidents. Unfortunately, even when gun owners legally carry or use their weapons for protection against carjacking, they can face unfair criminal charges.

Defending Against Gun Crime Charges in Illinois

In Illinois, you have the right to self-defense. If you have been charged with murder or any other criminal charge after firing your weapon at an aggressive criminal, you deserve a robust defense. You have a right to use reasonable force to defend yourself or someone else. You will need to prove there was a grave and immediate threat to you, another person, or your property. You will also need to show that the threat was illegal and that you believed there was a danger that required the use of force. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you gather evidence showing you were justified in using force against the carjacker.

Contact an Illinois Carjacking Defense Lawyer

In Illinois, we have the right to defend ourselves against violent carjackers. If you are a gun owner facing criminal charges for defending your life, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side. If you are convicted, you may face the rest of your life in prison. At the least you will face a lifetime of difficulties that come with having a criminal record. Having a lifetime criminal record can make it challenging to secure employment. At Glasgow & Olsson, our award-winning criminal defense lawyers provide clients with aggressive legal defenses. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation to learn how we can protect your rights.

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