Tips For Getting Through a Barrington Divorce

After her divorce from her first husband, a Barrington-area woman decided to start her life anew. She finally applied for her dream job and got it. Her future was beginning to look rosy, and she could place her children at her dream school. Just when she thought her life could not get any better, she met a successful, charming businessman. After a whirlwind romance, they decide to get married within a few months.

During the honeymoon stage, they enjoyed their blended family, and their kids, all under 18, got along well. As the months wore on, however, they learned that their parenting styles were utterly different. The wife began to resent her husband’s authoritarian discipline style. The husband closed himself off and began working 70+ hours a week. Despite their best efforts, they have decided that it is time to call it quits. Now they are looking into hiring Barrington divorce lawyers. We will offer some tips for Barrington couples seeking to get a divorce below.

Permit Yourself to Feel

People typically experience a wide range of emotions when going through the divorce process, ranging from anger, sadness, and exhaustion, to confusion and more. All of these feelings are normal. Accept that the intensity of your feelings will lessen over time. Even if your marriage itself was unhealthy, venturing into an unknown future is frightening. Give yourself permission to feel a wide range of emotions. You may not be able to be at the top of your game while you go through the divorce. Nobody is a superhero, and it takes time to heal, regroup, rest, and get re-energized.

Take Care of Yourself Physically and Emotionally

Make sure you are good to yourself. Take the time you need to eat well, exercise, and relax. Try to avoid using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with your divorce, which could lead to even more problems. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Take time to explore the things you love doing without your spouse. Have you missed painting or playing tennis with your friends? If so, consider spending some time engaging in positive activities that will reduce your stress level.

Avoid Power Struggles and Arguments

Many spouses feel anger when their co-spouses mistreat them or lie about their marriage. It is understandable to bring up topics that lead to arguments with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. However, if your conversation turns into a fight, we recommend that you calmly walk away from the conversation. Discuss the issue with your lawyer, who can communicate with your spouse’s lawyer. Fighting with your spouse could backfire and make its way to court, putting you at a disadvantage during the divorce process.

Consult With a Barrington Divorce Lawyer Today

If you need representation to pursue a divorce in Barrington, the attorneys at Glasgow & Olsson have extensive experience in litigating divorces. When you need an attorney, experience matters. Contact us today to learn how our experience can get you the results you deserve.

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