Four Personality Conflicts That Cause Divorce

A man and woman living and working in Chicago are delighted that they were finally able to have their wedding this summer. The wife, who comes from a long line of successful bankers, hosted her wedding at her family’s stunning lake home in the Village of Tower Lakes. The setting is less than 40 miles from downtown Chicago, and her family home is located on a scenic private lake totaling over 85 acres. She hopes to live in the Village of Tower Lakes permanently one day, especially after having children. She and her husband breathed a sigh of relief after the wedding.

That relief did not last long, though. As soon as they got back to their downtown condo, they began fighting. It seems that while focusing on having to move their wedding due to COVID, they grew apart from each other. They make it past their first anniversary, then decide that it is time to pull the plug on a marriage that never should have happened. Looking back, the wife realizes that she and her soon-to-be ex-husband had serious personality conflicts. They are not alone. Some people get divorced after years of marriage because their personalities are incompatible. We will discuss some of the personality conflicts that can cause divorce below.

Playing it Safe vs. Adventurous

If you enjoy the comforts of familiar activities and places, it may be difficult to remain married to someone with an adventurous spirit. Adventurers like to try new experiences. The adventure may successfully coax the play-it-safe person out of his or her comfort zone. However, as they grow older, the play-it-safe individual will probably pursue a structured and quiet life, with which an adventurer cannot be content.

Dominance vs. Agreeableness

When one person in the relationship is agreeable and willing to sacrifice his or her needs for the other person, and the other person is dominant, marital conflict will happen. The dominant spouse will dictate what the couple will do, financial decisions, and everything else in the relationship, while the agreeable spouse will stay quiet and consent to keep the peace. The agreeable spouse often becomes resentful overtime for being taken advantage of and not being given enough respect.

Impulsive vs. Organized

Some people like to live in the moment and enjoy making impulsive decisions, which they find fun. Other people like to have a structure in their lives and remain organized. The organized person may begin to see the impulsive person as irresponsible. Conversely, the impulsive person may begin to grow frustrated with the organized person, thinking they are dull or rigid.

Introversion vs. Extroversion

Many people can make a marriage with an extrovert and introvert work successfully. However, many divorces are caused by one person enjoying going out while the other person prefers to stay home. Introverts need time to recharge by themselves, while extroverts get energy from being around other people. Trying to manage these two needs in the same marriage can lead to conflict and fighting.

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