Seeking a Divorce in Inverness, Illinois

Inverness, Illinois, offers residents in the Chicagoland area a unique experience. Nearly all of the residential lots in Inverness are at least one acre in size. In most of the residential streets in the village, residents can meander through the countryside, enjoying the rolling landscapes and natural beauty of Inverness. With more employees than ever working from home and only occasionally commuting into Chicago, Inverness has become even more popular for professionals and families.

Despite living in one of the most idyllic locations in Illinois, spouses in Inverness deal with all the same marital issues as people throughout the country. While many divorces are caused by conflict and lack of communication, other divorces involve a couple who simply grows apart due to different life goals and interests.

Growing Apart is a Common Reason for Getting Divorced in Inverness

A study conducted in 2017 found that growing apart is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Growing up heart may seem like a very vague concept that is hard to find, but it is one of the most commonly cited reasons spouses get divorced. In most cases, growing apart means that two partners can no longer or no longer want to invest in each other as the years go by because they do not see themselves as connected emotionally, physically, or spiritually anymore.

The Reasons Couples Grow Apart

There are many different reasons why a married couple can grow apart. Their marriage may not have always been challenging. Sometimes a marriage starts with a couple who feels connected and able to conquer the world together. External factors such as work, raising children, money issues, and other conflicts can cause the couple to begin withdrawing from each other and becoming more independent as the years go by.

In other cases, spouses began to develop their own interest in change over time, making it hard for them to relate to their spouses. Suppose a couple got married very young when they were in college. They were not even sure what they would like to do for their careers, but they were in love and got married. Over the years, the spouses have matured and spent time contemplating their goals and dreams.

They may have spent time thinking about their own personalities and what type of partner would be best for them, realizing that they are not right for each other. Perhaps one or both spouses decide to change their parenting style or religious beliefs, making it difficult for the couple to make important decisions for themselves and their children. Many couples take an extended look at their marriage after they reach retirement age and realize that they do not want to spend their retirement years together because they have grown apart.

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