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Why Should a Lawyer Fight Automatic License Suspension in Chicago DUI Cases?

Unless a DUI defendant submits to a chemical test and that test shows a BAC lower than .08, an outcome which is highly unlikely, the state will suspend the defendant’s driver’s license. Technically, that suspension does not happen until after a... Continue reading →

How do Illinois Drivers Get Back on the Road After DUI License Revocation?

In the wake of a DUI arrest, the state almost always suspends the defendant’s drivers’ license. After the suspension period elapses, the defendant’s drivers’ license automatically becomes valid again, assuming the defendant pays a reinstatement fee... Continue reading →

Reinstating a DUI-Revoked Driver’s License in Illinois

In a previous post, we discussed Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS) following a DUI arrest. One of the salient features of SSS is that, even if the driver does nothing, the state automatically reinstates the suspended license after expiration of the... Continue reading →