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An Illinois Bill Would Make the Battery of Retail Workers a Felony

An Illinois mother of five recently lost her job due to the shutdowns caused by COVID-19. She is worried about how she is going to pay her rent. She only has a limited budget to spend on groceries. When she finally gets to the grocery store, she... Continue reading →

Mental Health Challenges Lead to More Domestic Violence Calls in Illinois

A young Illinois couple has been together for two years. They share one child together and have one on the way. Their relationship has seen some ups and downs. The husband served time for a drug charge, a mistake he made two years ago. Since then,... Continue reading →

Chicago Government Issues a Warning for Stay-At-Home Order Violators

An Illinois small business owner is up against the wire. She is a nail salon owner who is worried about whether or not she can pay her rent next month. She has already used funds from the payroll protection act and is out of options. Meanwhile,... Continue reading →