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How Domestic Violence Victims Can Protect Their Pets

While Illinois law technically equates pet ownership to property ownership, it also recognizes that our furry friends often feel like members of the family. To that end, the law extends legal protections to (and imposes criminal liability for)... Continue reading →

Domestic Violence Charges: Bad for the State, Bad for the Family, Bad for the Abuser

In the U.S. in general, and in Illinois specifically, there is a public policy in protecting children and families. This public policy has manifested itself in many ways, including favoring child support payments over spousal maintenance in divorce... Continue reading →

Orders of Protection: Abusers Lose in Illinois

In Illinois and throughout the U.S., domestic violence continues to be a problem. In Chicago alone, though the first six months of 2013 saw a decrease in the number of domestic violence reports from the previous year, there were still over 20,000... Continue reading →