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Domestic Disputes During Football Season in Illinois

A husband and wife who have been married for 15 years have been arguing more than usual lately. The pandemic put pressure on them, and the stress of working long hours while trying to raise three kids has taken a toll on their marriage. The wife... Continue reading →

The Shutdown Has Helped You Realize that Your Husband is Abusive: What Now?

For years, a woman has endured verbal abuse from her husband. Every time he has more than three alcoholic drinks, he becomes threatening and abusive. While he has never hit her, he slams the counters, punches walls, and screams in front of their... Continue reading →

Mental Health Challenges Lead to More Domestic Violence Calls in Illinois

A young Illinois couple has been together for two years. They share one child together and have one on the way. Their relationship has seen some ups and downs. The husband served time for a drug charge, a mistake he made two years ago. Since then,... Continue reading →