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Search Warrant Exceptions, Hollywood Style

It has been almost 50 years since Dirty Harry hit the big screen in 1971. In this scene, loose canon crimefighter Harry Callaghan meets with the San Francisco District Attorney and an appeals court judge. They inform a discombobulated Harry that the... Continue reading →

Can Chicago Police Officers Search My Cell Phone?

For the most part, judges are notorious slow in embracing new technology. A few years ago, Chief Justice John Roberts noted that the Justices used vacuum tubes to send messages to one another well into the 1970s. Typically, such episodes are simply... Continue reading →

‘Wellness Check’ Leads to Three Drug Arrests

A trio of Vernon Hills residents are in police custody after officers used an obscure legal loophole to conduct a warrantless search of the premises. Officers approached the residence of 33-year-old Dmitry Kolesnikov to perform an unprompted... Continue reading →