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The Forensics Backlog in Illinois Criminal Cases is Worsening

Forensics teams within Illinois police departments gather evidence that supports a criminal conviction. Forensic investigators gather physical evidence at the scene of the crime such as fluid, blood, residue, fingerprints, and electronic devices.... Continue reading →

Does Use of Over-the-Counter Meds Provide Grounds for Searching a Student?

Over-the-counter medications (OTC) offer quick, cheap, and convenient relief when you get the sniffles, need a caffeine pick-me-up, or are feeling achy. They get their name because they are available without a prescription from a doctor. The FDA has... Continue reading →

School Drug Testing From the Perspective of Students

Drug testing in schools is a relatively recent constitutional issue, coming before courts more often in the 1980s during the government’s “War on Drugs” and attempts to keep controlled substances out of the hands of children. At its core, drug... Continue reading →