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A Changing Legal Landscape Brought Back Happy Hour

Thirsty Illinoisans all over the state recently raised a glass to celebrate the return of happy hour to the Prairie State. Under the new law, establishments may sell discounted drinks for up to four hours per day to a maximum of fifteen hours per... Continue reading →

High Court Broadly Interprets Commerce Clause in Criminal Cases

Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 in the United States Constitution gives Congress broad powers to regulate drug crimes, according to a 7-1 decision in Taylor v. United States. Facts and Procedural History In 2009, Anthony Taylor and other members of... Continue reading →

United States Supreme Court Expands Police Powers

It was not a good day for criminal defendants recently when the same time the Court released Taylor v. United States, it declared that some illegally-seized evidence is admissible as long as the peace officers acted in good faith. Facts and... Continue reading →