A Note Regarding the Coronavirus, the Courts and Our Commitment to You

It has been an incredible and unprecedented week, not only in the Courts but throughout our country and across the globe. As we head into the weekend, I am writing to share some thoughts about what has proven to be one of the most difficult and emotional weeks I have witnessed in my professional career. The Courts have made a series of challenging decisions and we have done our best to deliver the news and address the various anticipated and unanticipated outcomes and questions as they have emerged.
Let me first say that this is uncharted territory. In my 27 years as a practicing attorney, I have never experienced a time when the Courts were adjourned for more than a day, much less for the period of an entire month, but the Courts in Cook County have made a decision to adjourn and not reconvene until April 15, 2020.  If you have a case set during that time period, it will not be heard and we do not know at this time what that new date will be.  The general order states that all cases will be continued for 30 days.  At this time, we do not know how that will effect key dates if you have a suburban misdemeanor case or how it will effect cases that are set for trial.
These decisions happened at such a rate that there was justified shock, dismay and confusion among our clients, attorneys, support staff and the members of the Court community.  The Court cancellation follows city and statewide school closures, banning of large scale events and health officals urging us all to stay at home.  None of these pronouncements were taken lightly and while the decisions of the Courts and our own Governor seemed bold at the time, We at Glasgow and Olsson feel they are becoming more justified by the minute.
The associated value of acting swiftly is that we can engage in the important work of assessing the impact this will have on our clients and their cases.  We have spent much of our time in the last few days working through the immediate operational needs of these decisions while also developing an ever-growing list of additional questions and items that need to be addressed. Things like access to client files, trial scheduling, emergency motion practice, maintaining client contact while adhearing to social distancing measures imposed by the government and conducting case investigations for our clients are just a few of the issues that we are pursuing right now. I’m sure there will be others as time moves on and we learn more about the impact on yur cases and our practice.
In the days and weeks ahead, my fellow members of the firm and I will continue to monitor the situation and work together to make the very best decisions for our clients. Because this is uncharted territory, we’re going to make some decisions with unknown outcomes, simply because it’s too volatile to anticipate all possibilities. You can trust that each decision will be made with careful consideration for the welfare of our clients and their cases, with as much information as possible and in consultation with as many expert and informed perspectives as possible.
Finally, We want to thank everyone who has reached out and extended offers of support this week, whether directly to me, to our attorneys or our support staff. We are all very appreciative of that and it provides a poignant reminder of just how special the legal community is and how much our clients, collegues and friends care.
We won’t be able to get through this or move forward without you.
Stay safe and be well.
Thomas Glasgow