BEST attorney I have EVER met!

Thomas Glasgow is absolutely the BEST attorney I have EVER met! Regardless of your legal issue, you must see him first. His sincere care for his clients, compassion, understanding, communication, knowledge, analytical mind, negotiating skills and unwavering perseverance is supreme.


The Best Attorneys in the Chicagoland area

If you find yourself in a legal matter regarding a firearm, I believe Glasgow & Olsson to be the best attorneys in the Chicagoland area to represent your case.  Thomas Glasgow is a strong supporter of our second amendment rights, a firearms instructor, as well as a member of the USCCA. Combine these attributes with his incredible knowledge of the law and legal skills, and you have a winning attorney to represent your case. I recommend Glasgow and Olsson to anyone who requires legal representation.


Mr. Glasgow is a phenomenal attorney

We hired Mr. Glasgow to help my son. My son was facing some possible serious consequences. Mr. Glasgow told my son he would help him and he really came through. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of my son's case. Mr. Glasgow is a phenomenal attorney and we would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone needing legal help.


I trust this law firm 100% with even the most personal of matters

Mr. Glasgow and his staff got right to work as soon as I reached out to them. From the beginning, Tom took charge and never looked back. He was direct and forward with his expectations from me as a client and took care of the rest. His commanding presence can be felt in every room he walks into and he uses his expertise to benefit every client he sees. I trust this law firm 100% with even the most personal of matters. Thank you so much for your help.


I want tell everyone out there… he has exceeded all expectations

Tom has been our lawyer for many years now for multiple reasons...and I want tell everyone out there that not only can this man do his job well he has exceeded all expectations. He not only takes care of your legal matters but he truly cares about his clients and their families. There are not enough words and thank yous in the world to say for what he has done for us and I feel truly blessed that we found him!!!!


Compassionate and honest this is the firm you need to call

If you need a caring attorney who is compassionate and honest this is the firm you need to call. Nicest most caring attorney I have ever met.


I can't begin to say how lucky I am to have Mr. Glasgow for my attorney

Write something... I can't begin to say how lucky I am to have Mr. Glasgow for my attorney. That goes for all his staff too!


The law offices of Thomas Glasgow is unequivocally remarkable

Out of state business professional stopped by troopers while paying toll at toll both and ultimately charged with DUI on Schaumburg, IL interstate. This charge put me in a life- changing situation and with no time to waste, I needed immediate professional counsel. I found Mr. Glasgow online and saw that his offices had outstanding client feedback. Gave Mr. Glasgow’s office a call and immediately felt like I was in good hands after the free consultation. Communication, expertise and consistency are 3 qualities this firm has mastered. In a legal crisis those qualities are essential. Anytime I called or emailed Mr. Glasgow’s office during the course of my case, I received immediate honest answers and understanding to the current status of my case. We went to trial and Judge ruled not guilty. Very satisfied with the outcome of my court case. I highly recommend Mr. Glasgow and his firm. Thanks again.


Mr. Glasgow the Best in the State of Illinois

I would recommend and encourage anyone reading this post to give Mr. Thomas Glasgow’s office a call. As a career Truck Driver holding a CDL practically unblemished for over 17 years found myself in a predicament facing a DUI. Not realizing how something as simple as having dinner with a cocktail could have legal ramifications in a heartbeat.
If you get pulled over and the Law even suspects you have been drinking or you look tired and haven’t drunk anything they can perform field sobriety test and have you blow. In my case I had the cocktail blew over the limit and my life changed that very instant.

Scared and confused I found Mr. Glasgow online and saw that his office was near the courthouse that my case was being sent to. Gave Mr. Glasgow’s office a call and found that not only he but each one of his attorneys embraced and gave me their guidance on how to best handle my case.

Mr. Glasgow and his team of seasoned professional attorneys Mr. Beattie and Ms. Olson are very professional and meticulous at explaining the processes of Navigating thru the court system and its functions. Very pleased with the outcome of my court case, and again would recommend Mr. Glasgow and his firm.


Thomas Glasgow Is An Outstanding Attorney. I Highly Recommend Him

Tom, I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the outcome of my DUI case. Thank you for your hard work and for treating me as a valued client. You went above and beyond to get me the decision you got. I was hoping for that kind of decision but knew it would be difficult to get it. I don’t know of any other CDL drivers who has received a DUI and not lost their job. I would also like to mention how attentive you were. I was surprised at how fast you returned phone calls and emails. In my dealing with attorneys in the past they are usually very slow to return calls and emails, sometimes days before I heard back. It’s those types of attorneys that give attorneys a bad reputation. You are the exception to the rule and take your job serious and treat your clients in a professional manner and as an asset, You listen to their concerns and work on getting them the outcome they are looking for not just what’s the quickest and easiest solution. In my case you could have easily taken the district attorney’s offer at the first court date of supervision disregarding the summary suspension that would have occurred and then just said there is nothing I can do about the summary suspension. But you knowing my needs of retaining my job if possible chose to postpone the court date in order to try and work out the summary suspension knowing that a supervision on the criminal case wasn’t going to keep my license if I received a summary suspension anyway. That is what really set you apart from most attorneys. I think most of them would have jumped on the supervision on the criminal case without worrying about the summary suspension. Once again THANK YOU very much. Please feel free to use this letter on your website or any other promotional tool as I would highly recommend you as an attorney in any criminal case.