Tom's team is THE BEST

In a world of chaos, pain, survival of the fittest and ever increasing crime... it is critical not to just protect yourself with tools but also with the right people on your team. My choice is Glasgow & Olsson. His impeccable track record & experience makes him untouchable. With an empathetic heart, shoulder to cry on, he listens and will help you through the worst & best of times. I highly recommend him for retainment if you have a CCL, need to create a trust/will/prenuptial/power of attorney/etc., opening a business, going through a separation or custody battle or if you were involved in a crime-DUI, murder, etc. Tom's team is THE BEST. You are welcome to use me as a referral!


If you need help with a DUI case he is the person to call!!

In March of this year I was pulled over and arrested for DUI. I felt that is was unfair seeing I was just being honest with the officer. He pulled me over for speeding around 11:00 PM and asked where I was coming from and I told him. He then asked if I had been drinking and I informed his yes. I gave him the rest of the details and he had me do the field tests that he felt I failed. When he got me to the station and had me blow into the machine it was a .080 on the money.

I new that I would need an attorney and was referred to Thomas Glasgow. He interviewed me and gave me the plan of attack no guarantees but he felt confident. His firm handled my case with professionalism far above the norm in the industry. His staff (Yolanda Rosas and Danielle Cary) is top notch and treats you like family. Mr. Glasgow recommended that I have an Expert witness help on our case. His name was DR. Hensen and he helped clarify the machines limitations. This was one of the key factors of my case.
So after five months of court dates I was found NOT GUILTY by the judge. I'm convinced this was do the efforts of Thomas Glasgow and his team of professionals.
If you need help with a DUI case he is the person to call!!